Our Affiliate Program

Looking for additional methods of income and client acquisition? We have got you covered. Our affiliate program makes it easy to network, and our profit share program is a risk-free way to bring additional value to your client, while making you more money. Don’t forget to attach any marketing material you want us to pass on to our clients! (Please only attach documents and images.)

    Our Background

    Secure Cloud Innovations was founded in June of 2021 by Caleb and Sophia Mattingly in Norfolk, Virginia. Through the technical experience of Caleb and the business acumen of Sophia, Secure Cloud Innovations was created with a vision to meet the increasing demand for information technology security solutions. Bringing innovative solutions to everyday challenges that companies face, SCI has security solutions to cater to each individual company. The rapid advances in technology and the increasing risk of cyber attacks causes many companies to question if their policies and infrastructure are secure. With an emphasis on providing efficient, quality work, we know that Secure Cloud Innovations will serve your company’s security needs with excellence.  SCI was created to serve not just our clients, but also the community around us, and as such we are involved with a number of community outreach events and make annual contributions to support the local Tidewater area. We look forward to serving all of our customers in a transparent and collaborative way.